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Mary Kay was nominated for an Annie Award (Best Actress) for her work as Sheila Broflovski in the animated feature South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut.

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Ms. Cartman (Eric's Mom) Mrs. McCormick (Kenny's Mom)
Mrs. Broslovsky (Kyle's Mom) Shelley Marsh (Stan's sister)
Wendy Testaburger Mrs. Marsh (Stan's Mom)
Ms. Crabtree (the Bus Driver) Barbra Streisand
Principal Victoria Grandma Cartman
Mayor McDaniels Hippie chick
Nurse Gollem Nurse Goodly
Aunt Flo Lifeguard at pool
Frida, a prostitute with heart of gold...and Herpes
Sweet girl attacked and killed by viscious turkeys
Jesus & Pals show producer

Mary Kay discusses some of her favorites:

"These specific characters are my favorites; for different reasons, which I'll detail for you...

Ms. Cartman is the ultimate 1950's Mother, a voice type I dearly love; yet was always told it was too "old-fashioned" or "too sweet" to use in modern commercials, toons, etc. But here, she's a hermaphrodite and a crack whore, in addition to being the perfect, sweet, cookie-baking Mommy; it's pretty funny because the combo is so much against type!

Wendy is a fav because she's intelligent and sweet but oh so unpredictable; ie: the episode where she gets jealous of a substitute teacher and ends up arranging for her demise. Wendy usually serves as the show's "conscience"--in sharp contrast to the bad-boy you have to laugh at, Eric Cartman (he's the junior version of Archie Bunker: prejudiced and small- minded; I've heard Matt and Trey talk about the creation of Eric and that's what they said!

Mrs. Broslovsky (Kyle's Mom) is the ultimate busybody, pushy and overbearing and opinionated; nothing like me! I really loved playing around with a voice for Mrs. McCormick (Kenny's Mom); what I ended up with is my female version of Bill Clinton!

Shelly Marsh, Stan's older sister is indeed a villain--always fun to play those! She's self-centered and really nasty; always punching and terrorizing her younger brother. Plus, there's the fun of making the weird slurping noises as she's got braces on her teeth!"

The Feature Film from Paramount Pictures:
South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut
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Featuring Mary Kay as Sharon Marsh (Stan's Mom), Sheila Broflovski (Kyle's Mom), Wendy Testaburger, Liane Cartman (Eric's Mom) & Ms. McCormick (Kenny's Mom)

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Soundtrack CD

"I sing, sing, sing...Broadway-style...believe it or not...I'm having trouble believing it."

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