The voices on your favorite CD-Roms


Star Wars Episode 1:
The Phantom Menace

Old Naboo Woman, Tomo (Hammerhead Alien boy),
Tomo's Mom, Lost Boy (Human),
and Female Merchant (Human)

Arthur the Aardvark &
D.W. Actimates (interactive dolls)
"D.W.", Francine, Sue Ellen, The Brain, Muffy, & Prunella

The Curse of Monkey Island
(LucasArts CD-Rom)
Minnie Stronie Goodsoup
(aka The Ghost Bride)

The X Fools
(Palladium Interactive)
Dede Scudder-
(Gillian Anderson voice match®),
Helen Hunt voice match®,
Jenny McCarthy voice match®

Nine Worlds
(Palladium Interactive)
-All female characters

Pony Express Rider
Calamity Jane

Attack of the Mutant

(Dreamworks Interactive)

Leisure Suit Larry 7
Drew, Wydoncha, Jamie Lee

Leisure Suit Larry 6
12 characters, including Char Donay,
Cav Vuarnet, Operator, Maid,
Voice-mail Operator

Someone's in the Kitchen
(Dreamworks, SKG)
Toby Toaster, Taste Test IV

Cooper McQue Comes Through
(Dreamworks, SKG)
Gabby Gertie, Jitters, Teacher

Wanna be an Animal Doctor
(Cloud 9 Interactive)
Addie (the kangaroo)

Wanna be a Dino Finder
(Cloud 9 Interactive)

Pony Express Rider
(Interactive Arts)
Calamity Jane

Gabriel Knight
Gerde, Little Boy, Old Lady,


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