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All files are format, and were
specially selected by Mary Kay for
this web site. File sizes are listed
for each sample to assist you in
estimating download times.

We sincerely hope
you enjoy your
visit here!

Jodie Foster (Clarice)
voice match -

Lisa Kudrow voice match (Delta Express Spot) -110k

Gabby Gertie (CD-Rom "Cooper McQue") -99k

Dr. Blight (Captain Planet
& the Planeteers) -

Helen Hunt voice match (Hollywood Video) -71k

Lisa Kudrow voice match
(1-800 Call ATT song) -
97 k

Marilyn Monroe (Singing)
voice match -

Arista (The Little Mermaid TV Series) -39k

Bimbettes (#2 & #3) Beauty and the Beast -109k

Judy Garland (& Toto)
voice match -

Dog (Whines)

Dog (Howling Barks)

Perdy (101 Dalmatians)
voice match -

Jane Leeves voice match (Pepsi Spot)-103k

Beavis & Butthead Mom -60k

Alicia Silverstone voice match (Hollywood Video) -50k

Ellen Greene voice match (Taco Bell Spot)- 57k

This space is reserved for additional sound files!

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