Originally a gift from award-winning webmaster and close friend, John Swanson of Tinydog Webworks, the site soon grew into a true partnership between Mary Kay and Mr. Swanson.

Highlights include: Audioclips; comprehensive credit lists by category; a detailed biography; and much, much more. But the real treat of this award winning site are the FAQ and Commentary sections of the "Babes of South Park" page as both are written in Mary Kay's own words.

Since her passing in November of ‘99 - a victim of mental illness - not a single pixel of this site has been changed. It is our intention to keep the site exactly as she left it as an online tribute to the memory of Mary Kay and her legacy.

A very special "thanks" goes out to John Swanson for his hard work and artistry, and especially for his efforts in preserving this site in all its colorful glory.